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           Video Services Page

    There are a lot of video skills we have and many years doing them.I have a small list of services we offer or can do for you

1.Location Filming with a Sony HDR-FX1 HDV 1080i 3 CCD Camera.Note we also have special cool clip-on Microphones we use instead of the Camera Microphone giving much better Audio for your live project

2.Video Editing and Special/Weird Effects you need

3.Video Compression to whatever you need......Internet,MPEG2,MPEG1,etc.You tell us what to output or fi you don't know we can suggest an answer.

4.Film Transfer to DVD or VHS. We have years of experience preserving your old family, art, or industrial films.Mostly we do the old 8MM and Super 8MM formats.We use a 3CCD Camera and always have a nice bright Matte-White Screen for quality transfers.Small reels are around 4 minutes, Medium reels are around 15 minutes, and the large reels are around 30 minutes

contact us with your Video Questions and we can help you find a solution.

More information here on the CEDAR AUDIO work I do under Gore Productions.Just click here for the info.

Gore Productions Rates information is here.Check out some of our prices for services we do.     

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