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  Cedar Audio is one of the most respected companies in the world developing cutting edge tools for the restoration of audio.Gore Productions owns a CEDAR For Windows system with 3 real-time CEDAR Boards.

Removing crackle,clicks,hum,buzz,hiss,noiseless 512 band EQ,Azimuth Correction,Spectral Analizer and more all run in real time on the 3 hardware boards mounted in a special Windows portable computer.The boards all have DSP chips which process the audio at 40 Bit Floating Point resolution all in real time.Each board is dedicated to running one process so 3 processes can be done per passthru.Audio is routed digitally Through a 24 BIT Firewire Audio Converter.This in turn is sent into a Windows XP machine recording clean audio to internal UWSCSI320 hard drives.All audio is passed thru at 48k 24 Bit resolution on home made or expensive cabling giving a noise free signal pathway.Cleaning up dialog tracks and other tracks for film is a breeze with CEDAR.Some problem noises we have dealt with are camera noise,background noise,and electrical problem noises.Restoring old records for audiophiles can be done as CEDAR will remove surface crackle,buzz,and even clicks.CEDAR will clean up a band's studio tracks or live performances.We can fix a single or more tracks in your studio multi-track project.Hums,buzzes,amp noises,etc can be removed without damaging the source material.Call up at 780-0193 for more info.I give special rates out to any artist of any genre.We also have a APC UPS which only the computer AC Power is connected to.This is helping to "clean" the power coming in off the wall socket.The stereo and any audio gear is now running through a Monster Reference Home Theatre Power Center which serves well to clean any AC Power my audio and video gear needs.

My CEDAR Pricing is very reasonable and I am open to helping out artists who have very little money. I have the experience to work on legal cases, film or game dialogue, music artists, consumers with noisy tapes, or audiophiles wishing to preserve old recordings. My pay scale is very competitive for this kind of detailed work.Every job is unique in it's bad audio artifacts so a consultation is necessary to determine what you might have to pay for your job.

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