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                        Audio Services Page

   Jordan Kratz, the owner of Gore Productions has been doing Audio Work since the late 1970's.There is a variety of Audio work done here.I will list some of the services we do.

1.Audio Restoration and Forensic Audio.We clean up recordings in a surgical sense removing the unwanted Audio artifacts and leaving the original Audio intact and untouched.We do this digitally and in 24BIT and we use 3 CEDAR AUDIO hardware boards to run CEDAR Processes that work on your Audio with 40BIT Floating Point Computations in Real-Time.Audio Input/Output in 24BIT will retain its structure with no signal loss or BIT loss.

2.Audio Mastering for your Art.We will prepare your art for output to Vinyl,CD,DVD,etc.

3.Audio Cleanup with CEDAR for Filmmakers.Wecan fix your films so you don't have to re-hire the actor/actress.If you can fix a mistake it might save you a bunch of money

4.Audio Transfers of Reel to Reel,Cassette,Vinyl,etc to a more modern CD or DVD Format

contact us with your audio questions.We can help you out with advice or we can do a quality job for you.

More information here on the CEDAR AUDIO work I do under Gore Productions.Just click here for the info.

Gore Productions Rates information is here.Check out some of our prices for services we do.     

More Information on all VIDEO Work Here

More Information on all GRAPHIC Work Here

More Information on all COMPUTER Work Here


                       RACK-MOUNT STUDIO COMPUTER

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